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Rural and Nature(Paphos)

Avakas Gorge 

A masterpiece of nature, Avakas Gorge is situated in the unspoilt Akamas peninsula. A trekker’s paradise, it offers spectacular views to local flora and fauna, including the endangered centauria akamantis . Carved out of limestone rocks, rising up as high as 30 metres and narrowing dramatically at one point, the gorge is a fairly difficult hike. Parts of the walk are slippery and involve a certain amount of clambering over rocks and stones. Solid footwear and sensible clothes are recommended. Visitors are advised to take ample drinking water and urged not to enter the gorge alone without first informing someone of their plans. Rich in flora, the gorge has pine trees, cypresses, junipers, wild fig trees, ferns and oaks among other trees as well as a profusion of wild flowers. Prize specimen among them is the extremely rare endemic centauria akamandis with its purple flowers that blossoms in the spring. Animal life includes foxes, hares, falcons, crows, night owls, butterflies and a large number of reptiles. The gorge is some 3km long. A number of travel firms carry out organized visits to the gorge.  

Baths of Aphrodite 

Baths of Aphrodite is situated past the fishing harbour of Latsi towards the tip of the Akamas peninsula. A natural pool grotto surrounded in greenery, the site lies at the end of a small nature trail. As its name suggests, the grotto is said to be where the Goddess of Love used to bathe. Myth also has it that this is where Aphrodite met her lover, the handsome Adonis, when he stopped off for a drink while hunting. The moment he drank the water, Adonis fell in love with the goddess.  

Address: Polis, Pafos 

Petra tou Romiou 

According to legend, this strikingly beautiful spot is where Aphrodite rose from the waves. Its Greek name, Petra tou Romiou, “the Rock of the Greek”, is associated with the legendary Byzantine hero, Digenis Akritas, who kept the marauding Saracens at bay with his amazing strength. It is said that he heaved a huge rock into the sea, destroying the enemy's ships.  

Address: street Pafos-Lemesos